Expert Color Matching, Fort Mill, SC

Expert color matching is a time-consuming process – but SO worth it!

Expert Color Matching in Fort Mill, South CarolinaThere is nothing more frustrating than getting body work on your vehicle done and being able to tell exactly where the work was done. Chances are that you’ll hear all kinds of excuses when that happens, instead of the truth that they aren’t equipped to provide expert color matching. Save yourself the headache and turn to us at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle was painted a custom color at one point or the sun has faded it a bit. We have the expertise, patience, and passion for cars that leads us to match your vehicle’s color with any body work we do.

We understand why some shops in the Fort Mill, South Carolina area don’t offer expert color matching. It is time consuming to mix up small batches of paint over and over again until you are confident the shade is perfect. You have to let each test piece dry thoroughly to ensure it will match. We think the extra time involved with expert color matching is well worth it, and we know our customers appreciate it, too.

Expert color matching is also a great way to come up with a custom color or one that was retired by the manufacturer sometime after a classic car came off the assembly line. If we only relied on paint obtained from the manufacturers, it would be very rare for the color to match perfectly. In addition to going the extra mile to provide expert color matching, we are also experienced in the actual painting process to ensure you get a flawless result that more than meets your expectations.

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At Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration, we offer expert color matching services for customers from Rock Hill and Fort Mill, South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina.