Benefits of Engine Conversions

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If someone were to ask you why you won’t buy a newer car model or sell your classic car for parts, the answer would be pretty straightforward – attachment and/or nostalgia. There’s so much to love about old or classic cars, from their uniqueness to their durability. However, virtually all automobile engines face deterioration with time. This usually means settling for less power and fuel efficiency. But what if there was a cutting-edge way to maintain the sleek exterior of your timeless car?

Benefits of Engine Conversions

Introducing engine conversions, which involve swapping your aging engine for a more superior, modern one. Engine conversion is a popular way to rejuvenate old automobiles that comes with a number of benefits, including:

  • Longer life. Engine conversions breathe new life into your car, enabling it to clock in more mileage. This will be especially easy if you properly care for your car’s exterior and interior.
  • Better performance. As a certified gearhead, you certainly won’t mind adding some horsepower to your classic car. Engine conversions reverse wear and tear, thus helping vehicles regain or add power and speed.
  • Higher efficiency. Although older and classic models have superb exterior designs, their engine designs are not often as good. They tend to be clunkier and less fuel-efficient than modern engines. As a result, it might be worthwhile to consider an engine conversion.

At Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration, we pride ourselves on quality engine conversions for older and classic cars. Our highly experienced team is I-CAR and ASE certified, so you can always be confident in our services. If you want to learn more about converting your classic car’s engine, talk to us today.