Can You Trust Your Classic Car Shop with Body Repairs?

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When it comes to classic cars, the choices you make in their care and maintenance are important. To keep your car’s exterior in good condition, it requires regular maintenance and expert care. When you’re in the market for a new classic car shop, here are a few tips for ensuring they are a good fit for your classic car’s body repairs:

  • What experience do they have? The first question you want to ask is if they have worked on classic cars before and if so, how frequently. Classic car body work is different than standard body work repairs. A good classic car shop will be specialize in classic cars and should have a great deal of experience working with classics.

Can You Trust Your Classic Car Shop with Body Repairs?

  • How are their reviews and reputation? To learn about a classic car shop’s reputation or you can turn to classic car owning friends or you can search online for customer reviews.
  • What is the environment like? You can get a good feel for the appreciation and care your mechanic will put into your classic car by visiting the shop. The love for classic cars will most likely be clear as day when you find a good classic car shop.

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