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At Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration, we love classic cars, and we want to help others who share that passion. We understand that some classic car fans prefer to keep their vehicles in as close to mint condition as possible, meaning that they preserve as many of the original parts and systems as they can, while other fans prefer to preserve the look of their beloved chariots while bringing their engines and other features into the modern day. These kinds of updates are known as classic car conversions, and in this article, we will cover a few of the different types of changes you can make to your classic car so that you get a sense of the possibilities.

Classic Car Conversions 101

•  Disc-Brake Conversion- One example of the classic car conversions that we offer here is a disc-brake conversion. To put it simply, this type of conversion replaces the drum brakes found in many older vehicles, which are prone to heat damage and are less reliable, with modern disc brakes, which provide more stopping power with less need for maintenance.

•  Engine Conversions- Another one of the classic car conversions that we can do here is engine conversions, which involve swapping out the car’s existing engine for a new one. There are many reasons to do this, from increasing the car’s fuel efficiency to souping up its performance, but no matter what, we will make sure to get your new engine just right.

•  Transmission Conversions- A third type of classic car conversions that we do here is transmission conversions. This conversion consists of turning the vehicle in question from a manual transmission to an automatic, or sometimes vice versa.