How Does Full Frame Straightening Work?

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Here at Father & Sons Collision and Classic Car Restoration, our goal is to make your car as good as new, whether we are restoring it from gradual damage by aging or sudden damage from a collision. One of the services we provide is full frame straightening, and in this article, we’ll be going over more about how this process works.

How Does Full Frame Straightening Work?

•  Assessment- The first step in full frame straightening is to assess just how much damage the frame of your vehicle has actually sustained. We will use specialized tools to measure the degree of damage to your vehicle and then use the data we gather to determine whether the frame can be returned to its original shape. In cases of extensive damage, a straightening machine may be needed.

•  Restoration- Once we have determined the extent of the damage and made a plan for how best to address it, we will move forward with the full frame straightening process itself. This process involves placing your vehicle in a frame straightening machine, which then uses a combination of chains and hydraulics to smooth the frame back into its original shape. Chains will be attached to the points that are bent out of shape, then pulled back slowly to drag those portions of the metal frame back into their original alignment. We are very careful throughout this process to ensure that your frame is restored to as close to its original condition as possible, and we will make every effort to make it look brand new.