How Expert Color Matching Can Achieve the Perfect Paint Color

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We take pride in our expert color matching method at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration. Our goal is to get you an accurate match and have you leave our shop satisfied with your repair. Whether your paint is faded, chipped, or worn, we have a procedure that can help you obtain a match!

How Expert Color Matching Can Achieve the Perfect Paint Color

Today, most newer vehicle models come with a paint code that makes expert color matching a bit easier. However, several factors can affect paint color. Where you live, for example, plays a significant role. Factors such as humidity, air contaminants, heat, and air pressure can change your vehicle’s paint color over time, making expert color matching more challenging.

Expert color matching is by no means a quick process. Instead, it is a careful method of finding the right color to blend the old and new colors perfectly. Small batches of paint are mixed and tried, allowed to dry, and then inspected against the color we are trying to match. We repeat this process time after time until we come up with a match.

The process is tedious, and we work on perfecting the color until the match is spot on. Auto paint typically consists of three main ingredients: pigment, resin, and solvent. Understanding the formulation of the paint is critical in expert color matching, and we have the skills it takes to find the right formula for your vehicle. Schedule your expert color match with us today!