Should I Call an Auto Body Repair Shop for
Small Rust Spots?

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You wouldn’t think twice about taking your vehicle to an auto body repair shop if you had a car accident or otherwise ended up with significant damage to the exterior of your vehicle. Nobody wants to drive around in an eyesore. You might likewise feel embarrassed about your vehicle if you are beginning to notice small rust spots. Rust can be a common occurrence on vehicles in the “salt belt” which is what the northeast states are referred to, but if you live in another state, such as South Carolina, you can still end up with rust spots.

Should I Call an Auto Body Repair Shop for Small Rust Spots?

One of the reasons that you should take it to an auto body repair shop even if you only notice small rust spots is that rust is like a cavity in a tooth — it will eventually spread and may have already spread somewhere you haven’t noticed. By addressing the problem as early as possible, there is less chance that extensive bodywork will be needed. This is also why you should take care of dings and scratches as car paint repair can avoid the rust that will inevitably happen.

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