What to Expect from a Classic Car Body Repair

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If you own a classic car, you know that it is not just another car. Your car is special and should be treated with extra finesse and care. You probably do your very best to avoid damage to the exterior of your car, but not all accidents can be avoided. If you need classic car body repair, you’ll want to find a collision repair shop that understands and has experience working with classic cars. If this is your first time getting classic car body repair, here are a few basics of what to expect:

  • Expect a good repair to take time: Because your car is a classic, the parts may not be as easily accessible as cars that were manufactured more recently. It may take time for the parts to be located and shipped to your shop. A good body shop will be efficient but will use extra finesse and pay attention to detail, so the repairs may take longer than with other vehicles.

What to Expect from a Classic Car Body Repair

  • Expect that other issues may be revealed: When making the initial repair, your mechanic may find other issues. They should contact you before making further repairs, but don’t be surprised if you learn that there is rust or other decay with the interior structure of your vehicle.
  • Expect excellence: A quality classic car body repair should be able to provide you with expert color matching and skill in all repairs. Don’t settle for any repairs that aren’t to your complete satisfaction.

When you have a car that needs better than average care, come to us at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration. We’ll take just as much pride in your classic car as you do.