What You Need to Know About Classic Car Restoration

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There’s a sense of pride that comes with owning a classic car, whether you intend to drive it or just appreciate its value. Over time, your classic car may likely require a restoration service for it to look or function the way it did when it was first built. If this is the case for your classic car, it’s important to know a few key things about classic car restoration.

What You Need to Know About Classic Car Restoration

Here are some of the most important reminders about classic car restoration:

  • It takes longer than restoring a newer car. With the advancements in car technology that have been made over the years, it’s becoming more difficult to work on older models that function differently from newer car models. For this reason, classic car restoration typically takes longer than newer car restoration. Your classic car restoration mechanic will be able to let you know approximately how long your restoration project will take.
  • You’ll need to find an expert. Your everyday mechanic likely doesn’t have the training or experience necessary to work with a classic car, so you’ll need to find a specialist who is equipped to handle the unique considerations and services that are required to work on a vintage model car.
  • Parts may need to be manufactured. Contributing to the length and cost of the restoration project may be the need for new parts that haven’t been manufactured in years. It’s important to know that your classic car restoration may require special considerations or specifications to be done right, so keep this in mind if your restoration gets extended.

We here at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration can restore newer and older cars alike, so give us a call today to restore your classic car to its former glory.