Why Doesn’t My Car Paint Repair Match?

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One of the worst situations is getting your vehicle back from a collision repair shop and realizing that the color of the new body parts doesn’t match the rest of the vehicle. Another scenario is being given a touch-up bottle of paint that is for your make and model and finding that your handiwork covering a scratch or ding isn’t matching. There are specific reasons why each of these could happen.

Why Doesn’t My Car Paint Repair Match?

As for the touch-up paint, keep in mind that it is the color that your vehicle was when it rolled off the assembly line. If you have had it for a while, the color could have faded just enough that your DIY car paint repair doesn’t match perfectly. You may not notice it from a distance, but up close, you likely will. Your options are to accept that it is at least better than having the blemish or have a professional car paint repair auto body shop take care of it for you.

As for getting a vehicle back and discovering the car paint repair doesn’t match, that is a sign that the shop didn’t offer expert color matching. They opted to just use the original manufacturer color without making any adjustments for fading. It can also be a sign of an auto body shop that doesn’t have the experience you need to give you the optimal results you expect.

You won’t have to worry about car paint repair meeting your complete satisfaction if you bring your vehicle to us at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration. We offer expert color matching, or we can paint your entire vehicle if you’d like a color change. We can match any color– even those used on classic cars. Reach out today with any questions you might have.