Why Doing Car Restoration with No Experience is a
Horrible Idea

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If you are one of those people who loves a challenge and you have at least a little mechanical aptitude related to classic cars, you might be tempted to handle your own classic car restoration. It will be fun, you think. It will be cheaper, you think. It will go completely as planned, you think. Wrong! It might start out fun, but it can get frustrating pretty quickly and go from being a labor of love to total drudgery. If you want to have a car restoration project finished and not be miserable, you’d be better served by having a professional take care of it for you.

Why Doing Car Restoration with No Experience is a Horrible Idea

As for cheaper, that’s also not accurate as those that try to do their own car restoration often pay considerably more in the end. We’re not just taking a small percentage more either. It could be ten times what you originally budgeted because you don’t have the resources that a professional car restoration shop has. Every time you buy the wrong part or break something because you didn’t have the knowledge you needed or the right tool for the job, tack on a few more bucks to your total cost. That adds up pretty quickly.

Time is another reason not to handle car restoration yourself. This is not a project that gets done in a weekend. It can take many hours of work and it will take you far longer than a professional, especially if you have to keep backtracking to fix mistakes. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’ll be done in a month or two. If you have potentially years to finish your project and you don’t mind the other problems we’ve covered, then go for it.

But why wait to drive that beauty? Contact us at Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration and you’ll avoid all the potential pitfalls involved with doing car restoration yourself. Call today to learn more about our services and you can stop looking at that car in your garage and hoping it will be a beauty one day and actually be driving around Rock Hill, South Carolina in it instead.