Why You Should Never Do Your Own Car Paint Repair

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Have you ever seen a car going down the road that looks like it is all one color, but upon closer inspection, you can see that the color is slightly off in one area? It’s a dead giveaway that the car has been worked on by someone who didn’t know how to get an exact match during a car paint repair.

Why You Should Never Do Your Own Car Paint Repair

While even the most car-savvy folks will want to try their hand with a simple car paint repair job, the truth is that it really is something that only the professionals should do. Using the previous example, when paint isn’t matched exactly to the correct color, it can look tacky. Aesthetically, this is a car fashion faux pas.

Another reason why car paint repair should be done by a professional is because it isn’t as easy as it looks to get an even coat of paint. Someone who does an at-home car paint repair job could leave uneven layers that make the paint look like it has a strange design, dust particles trapped in the paint layers, or even worse, drips and drops that have dried on the final coat. When this happens, you’re looking at a complete redo to get back to better results.

At Father & Son Collision and Classic Car Restoration, we are experts at color matching for vehicles of all types. We’ll always make sure your car leaves our shop looking like new. Give us a call today if you need car paint repair or other restoration services.